2018 Yamaha 1 Single Trailer 12" Tire, Our base single trailer beats most of our competitors "deluxe" models. Large enough to accommodate every machine on the market today. Adjustable bunks, bow winch, sealed lights, and also comes standard with a front jack. Specs: Length: 15'3" Width: 5'10" Weight: 300lbs Carrying Capacity: 1980lbs
2018 Yamaha 1 Single PWC Trailer Deluxe, Our larger deluxe single trailer takes all of the features of our standard trailer (Adjustable bunks, bow winch, sealed lights, and front jack), and keeps going. We have added 13" tires over the standard 12's. We had this trailer built with the larger fenders from our double trailer so you have more area to step on, and we have also used the same axle th...
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